Sunday, January 7, 2018

Warhawks sustain injuries in 5-2 win over Woodgrove/Clarke

The Warhawks got off to a very rough start against Woodgrove/Clarke. Woodgrove/Clarke managed to drive into the Warhawk zone off first puck drop and score in first 20 seconds. Woodgrove followed that with another goal half way into the first putting the Warhawks down 0-2. The Warhawks were able to regroup and tie up the game at tail end of first with goals from junior Sammy Thompson and sophomore Tom Hetherington assisted by sophomores Michael Crespy and TJ Ezzard. The Warhawks stepped up the offensive pressure in second with two additional goals from sophopmore Keegan Sweeney and junior Luke Pohlman assisted by junior Jeffrey Hunter and senior Jason Calem. Jason finished off the Warhawk scoring in the third with an assist from sophomore Nick Willey. Celebration of the win was dampened due to head injuries sustained by junior Johna Ezzard and sophomore Noor Scavotto following illegal boarding hits from a single Woodgrove player who ended up being ejected from the game.

Check out some of the photos.
photos by: Khy Sweeney