Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fast but Friendly Alumni Game Ends with "Old Guys" Victorious

Team Dark filled with "older" but energetic alums went up against the Team Light squad of current players and recent graduates. Team Light was no match for the wiser and more wiley team dark during the first two periods falling behind by 4 goals. Team Light managed to start clawing their way back with several goals in the third. If only they had another period to really wear out the old guys. Maybe next year...
The evening was a great success with alumni in attendance representing graduating classes from as far back as 2003. Past players in attendance were: Garret Dressler, Alexander Phillips, Andrew Herrmann, Dylan Cass, Matt Bacigalupo, Aaron Shiohama, Zachary Shiohama, Austen Adcock, Justin Leas, Alex Herrmann, Thomas Brooks, Nathan Ryan, Melanie Johnson, Robby Harris, Steve Diamond, Max McCool, Ryan Cass, Ben Headley, Kyle Headley, Kevin Lawton, Brett Moody, Tommy Lohrmann, Melanie Johnson and Nick Soggin. Representing the current 2015-16 team were: Jason Calem, Jeffrey Hunter, Dean Kern, Kamron Sarmadi, Noah Thompson, Sammy Thompson, Alex Tudan and Miller Williams

Check out some of the 2015 alumni game photos.
photos by: Debbie Bacigalupo and Desiree Di Mauro