Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alumni Game Ends in Tie for Second Straight Year

Team Dark held a commanding lead through most of the game, thanks in major part to superior coaching from former coach Todd Headley. But Team Light was able to overcome the anchor that was Coach Cass to rally late for the tie.

With only a few minutes left before the Zamboni would be called to do its thing, Team Light reached deep into the make believe rulebook and called for a shootout finale with each goal scored in the shootout counting toward the team’s total. The ploy worked and Team Light was able to erase the four goal deficit it faced and the game ended tied 11-11.

All kidding aside, the evening was a great success with alumni in attendance representing graduating classes from as far back as 2008. Past players in attendance were: Steve Diamond , Ryan Cass, Michael Withrow, Matt Kelly, Thomas Brooks, Alex Herrmann, Aaron Shiohama, Grant Dressler, Alex Barrett, Melanie Johnson, Alexander Phillips, Garret Dressler, Ben Headley, Zach Shiohama, Robby Harris, Austen Adcock and Kevin Lawton. Representing the current 2014-15 team were: Dylan Cass, Matt Bacigalupo, Kamron Sarmadi, Noah Thompson, Dean Kern, Alex Tudan, Johna Ezzard, Coach Todd Thompson, Coach John Ezzard and team managers PJ Kern and Sasha Reynolds.